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Welcome to the land of Atom Imp Software, home of my free software downloads. Yes, they are all free, at least as long as my resources permit it. Over the last several years I've been developing software programs as a form of mental therapy after I was released from my extended hospital confinement and in the process I've developed several useful utility programs. At the urging of my friends I'm making these freely available to anyone who may need or want them.

Providing these utility programs for free is somewhat of an experiment. If they prove to be useful enough to result in prodigious downloads I probably will not be able to continue unless I receive enough contributions to pay for the continued development and distribution of these programs. If you find these programs useful I urge you help by contributing.

For example, most of my utility programs, while useful to me, need to be upgraded for general use. As a result I'm starting out by only making my file search program available. I wrote this program after being frustrated by the unreliability of the Windows operating system search functions. Not only are the operating system search functions unreliable but they are also slow, not very flexible, and far too limited in their search abilities.

As I receive additional resources I'll be converting and upgrading my utility programs and providing them free to the public. In fact, in order to continue my mental therapy, I welcome suggestions for additional programs that you may wish were available. To make a suggestion just leave a comment on my Facebook page.