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Welcome to my Atom Imp File Search program page. I originally wrote this file search program after being frustrated by the unreliability of the Windows operating system search functions. Not only are the operating system search functions unreliable but they are also slow, not very flexible, and far too limited in their search abilities.

The purpose of the Atom Imp File Search program is to search for occurrences of text in either file names, folder names or in the content of textual files and to provide access to those folders and files in an easy manner. Your search may simply be a search of a literal text string or phrase or it can be as complicated as using a regular expression as the search template. Intermediate between these two extremes is the ability to use wildcards in your search expression.

help video The program is almost self-explanatory but, if needed, a help system is included to guide you in using the Atom Imp File Search program for searching your computer file system and data storage devices for file names and file textual content containing your specified words, phrases, or expressions. A video tutorial on the use of the program is also available.

As long as I needed to write a reliable file search program I decided to add a few useful search functions as well. In addition I wanted a file search program that was not only as fast as possible but the program also needed to have a minimal impact on system resources. This led to a program with the following features:

Click here to see a selection of screenshots from the program, video tutorials, and the installation program.

download file search

Click on the download image (at left) to download the Atom Imp File Search installation program.

I hope you find this program useful. This is my first endeavor in distributing my utility programs. This program is only one of several utility programs which I've developed over the last several years in order to support other programming projects but it is one that I find very useful. I developed these programs as a form of mental therapy in order to not become a mental vegetable after being released from the hospital and nursing homes (kudos to my daughter for devising this therapy).

Providing these utility programs for free is somewhat of an experiment. If they prove to be useful enough to result in prodigious downloads I probably will not be able to continue unless I receive enough contributions to pay for the continued development and distribution of these programs. If you find these programs useful I urge you help by contributing (i.e., simply click on the program's contribute button).

To provide feedback on my Atom Imp File Search program go to the File Search Facebook page.

As I receive additional resources I'll continue converting and upgrading my utility programs and providing them free to the public. In fact, in order to continue my mental therapy, I welcome suggestions for additional programs that you may wish were available. To make a suggestion just leave a comment on my Atom Imp Facebook page.