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Screen Shots

For your convenience here are a few representative screen shots related to our File Search program. The program provides immediate feedback while loading in the form of the following splash screen:

Atom Imp File Search Splash Screen
Splash Screen

Once the File Search is loaded the splash screen is removed and the following search selection display is activated:

Atom Imp File Search Selection Display
Search Selection Display

Results from the search are available in the following Results Display:

Atom Imp File Search Results Display
Results Display

A video tutorial on how to utilize the Atom Imp File Search program is available. The first frame of that tutorial is:

Atom Imp File Search Video Tutorial First Frame
First Frame of the Atom Imp File Search Video Tutorial

An installation program is utilized to install the File Search program. This installation program may be freely distributed (see the license agreement in the installation wizard for details). The installation program walks you through an installation wizard. The following is the first page of the wizard:

Atom Imp File initial installation wizard page
First Installation Wizard Page

Finally a video installation tutorial is available and starts with the following frame:

Atom Imp File first installation video frame
First Installation Tutorial Video Frame